The History of Another Lost Boy

This was inspired by my brother, Jeremy.. We don’t necessarily talk too often but one night, he called me on FaceTime and wanted to catch up. He's a life coach and I've always felt open to talk to him about my emotions and how I feel. Jeremy mentioned to me that in Hawaii, they have this saying to "talk story". Talking story means to go straight to the point rather than small talk. Tell the story and how you feel about it. I told him I got laid off and that I didn't know what to do next. He then asked me: "Have you ever listened to Lost Boy by Ruth B?” From there, we hung up and I listened to the song about 10-15 times on repeat, just sitting there in my room. ​


Then I decided to create Another Lost Boy Story. I felt as though I was another lost boy in the world that had no direction. But when I think of the world, I see that there are others out there in my position or even worse. So here's to all the lost boys and girls that need inspiration. I hope you share your story with me, so that I can welcome you with open arms.

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