A New Transition

It’s has now been 4 months since moving here to New York.

November has been nothing but a bittersweet transition for me. So much has happened in so little time. Now looking at the fact that December is approaching, it seems to me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is becoming brighter as each day passes by. I start to think back at how 2020 has started and now the year is slowly coming to an end. Let me give you all an update on where I am in my journey and how November was for me. First and foremost there was the presidential campaign. For those who are reading this and if you support Trump you can go ahead and exit this page. If you are still reading…


During this time I knew that everyone was very anxious and stressed about the presidential campaign. No one really had an idea who was going to win. It was a nail biter and I had to call my friends and family back home hoping that everything will start to become better. Hoping for a new leader. Once Biden won, I went ahead and did a solo trip to Manhattan. New York was flourishing and the streets were screaming with joy. Everyone was in a good mood and smiling. Honking their horns, fireworks popping off, and everybody dancing to the music playing in the streets. It was so beautiful that I felt so lucky to be a part of this community. I am so proud to be in a city where diversity and peace matters. It reminded me a lot like San Francisco. The idea of me being alone during this monumental moment in history made me feel so at peace with myself. I usually never go out on my own, but there I was in the middle of it all soaking in the high spirits of the city. Towards the end of the night I went back to Brooklyn to meet up some friends at a park. The whole park was LIVE! They were playing Bay Area music, people were dancing to Achy Breaky Heart, and I haven’t seen people outside so happy in a really really long time. That day will remind me of how everyone was just stuck in their homes for MONTHS, but for once… just once... the day Biden wins we come out and celebrate together.

After the presidential campaign, I was transitioning into moving into a new apartment.

I am still in Brooklyn but I wanted to move closer towards the water and a nicer neighborhood. I got a new roommate who we actually met through a mutual best friend of ours from the Bay Area. It was a stressful couple of weeks trying to find a new apartment we both liked and balancing that while I was working from home. No time in the day I tell you. But, at the end it all worked out. We got our new spot and moved in! We are working on the interior design such as wall art, furniture, kitchen supplies, and etc. But I am very excited to call this place my new home for this next year!

Next came my 25th birthday.

My 25th birthday was something I will remember for the rest of my life.

It was the first birthday away from family.

It was the first birthday away from my childhood friends.

It was the first birthday really celebrating on my own, if not, with new friends that I made here.

Honestly, to cut my story short most of my birthday plans didn’t really pan out the way I wanted. But, 2020 has really been like that all year so it wasn’t too upsetting. The funny thing is, when you expect and plan things that don’t go your way then it becomes disappointing. Even though my plans did not work out - I had the most amazing time honestly. Because I let go of expectations and enjoyed everything that was around me. 25 years around the sun and I was feeling grateful. I was counting my blessings and told myself,

“I am proud of me. I am so so so proud of how far I’ve come.”

I truly enjoyed my solitude and just as you grow older you start to realize your circle of friends become smaller. Maybe because of distance or just part of growing up all together. Once I turned 25, I was just self-reflecting and embracing my solitude. I honestly enjoy being by myself now. But of course I did have a fun little celebration with a small circle of friends (details shall not be disclaimed).

All in all, I am very blessed to have turned 25 in my new home, New York City. To many more years here and many more years of life!

Last but not least was Thanksgiving.

I was lucky enough to have made friends here that even offered to invite me to their family Thanksgiving dinners! It was very sweet of them and I am very appreciative of all the friends I made here.

Although the invitations were kind I wanted to celebrate it with my cousin and our friends at their apartment on Thanksgiving night. We're all from the Bay Area and this was our first time experiencing the holidays away from our families. New York has given us the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving together as our own little family in the East Coast. Our friends prepared the amazing food and we were able to have a great spread. We played board games and appreciated the moment of having each other while being far away from home. We even Facetimed our families after dinner telling them we miss them. It was a very special Thanksgiving to me and I am very happy to start this new tradition.

As I said, all in all November was a huge transition for me.

I am feeling nothing but blessed. Even though 2020 is making this holiday season a lot harder to celebrate, I say you should still count the blessings that you have.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to do my usual routines but I am getting back to it so stay tuned.

Thank you all for sending me constant love and support! I appreciate you reading this as I continue to write more often. I hope you all stay safe and I am sending you good vibrations! Let's end 2020 on a good note, shall we?

With love,

Another Lost Boy