Accepting Your Insecurities

We have all experienced a lack of confidence in our lives, whether that refers to physical or mental attributes. Being insecure about maybe going on a first date or even feeling insecure going to the gym is totally normal. These past couple of months, I’ve felt insecure about breaking out, gaining weight, hair thinning, etc. Some flaws that I’ve noticed which I thought were such a big deal.

Then I started to notice and realize that none of that is really that big of a deal. Right? The more insecure you feel - the more pressure put on yourself to be “perfect”. No one in this world is perfect. I think that’s one flaw I see with the media. The media, whether on television or online, shows you all these people that look like they have such wonderful lives. For example, when you look at influencers with perfect skin, a fit body, perfect teeth, and more makes you feel even worse about yourself.

But don’t compare yourself to these people. Honestly, when you look at these people, you may be thinking “there are people out there that actually look like that”? You should focus on loving yourself first. No matter how “perfect” everyone seems online, they all have their flaws and insecurities too.

I believe loving yourself for all of your insecurities and flaws is super important. Accepting your outer and inner layers can make a huge difference in your daily life. When I realized that I should be more accepting of myself and my look, that’s when my skin started clearing up, I started to work out, and I started to feel much better.

Now besides physical insecurities, there are also other types. Maybe for those of you that are in relationships, jealousy can be an insecurity which can result in a bad break-up. For example, being jealous of someone else that may be hitting on your partner doesn’t necessarily make you the better person. This is just a reminder for you that they’re with YOU for a reason. Relationship insecurities can come from thinking that you are not good enough for your partner, that you will never find anyone better, or that you’re not lovable.

One thing I learned is that insecurity can spark growth. It is the next step in desiring self-improvement. Insecurities can push us to higher goals, such as drinking more water, working out, and eating healthier. Don’t do this just so you can look like that person on Instagram or because someone else is doing it. Do it for yourself and everything else will follow.

There’s no need to say “I’m fine” when you clearly aren’t. Notice your insecurities and tackle them with a positive attitude. Empathize with yourself. Manifest success for your future. Notice if you are talking about yourself in a negative way, then stop yourself. If you give advice to others, take your own advice.

Forgive the past.

Accept all of yourself.

Practice self-improvement.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Trust the process!

With love,

Another Lost Boy