Hello Lost Boys and Girls

Here is my introduction to the readers out there. I welcome you to my space. Our space. To all the men and women out there feeling lost.

Hello to all of you that are reading this. Welcome to the Lost Boys Stories! I want to start by sharing with you a story on how I created this public journal. Sit back, relax, and drink some tea as I welcome you to my own Neverland.

To reflect back and give some perspective: I have felt "lost" many, many times in my life. Whether that was failing a test, losing a family member, a breakup, or any other hardship -- we have all had a moment where we felt there was no direction to life. No purpose. No inspiration. No aspiration.

A week ago, I was laid off of my job due to COVID-19. I was very passionate about the company I was working with, the people who I worked with, and what they stood for. This company wanted to make an impact not only on the environment but on the people within every community, as well. Of course, I have no hard feelings and no regret working for them. They exposed me to a truly great company culture and set a high standard for that. I will always cherish my memories with the company and the people I have met through my unbelievable journey.

This was my first experience ever getting laid off. In all seriousness, it almost felt like a breakup. Sadly, when I heard the news that I had been laid off, I had no idea how to feel. I broke down in tears knowing that I wouldn't be working for a company I stood for and wouldn’t be seeing my lovely coworkers, people who I now call my friends.

It was then that I asked myself:

What's Next?”

I left sales because that wasn't what I was passionate about. I looked at jobs that required X amount of years of experience which I felt I wasn't qualified for. Again, applying for other companies made me question myself… What am I even applying for? It'll be like starting a new relationship all over again. My rent agreement is almost up and by the time June hits, I feel like I should and need to figure everything out before it's too late.

I will say this. This pandemic has caused suffering with families and friends all over the world. People losing loved ones and losing their jobs. This has been a heartbreaking time for not only me, but for the rest of the world. People not being able to fly and see their families, affecting some relationships. On a personal note, being laid off made me realize I wanted to do something that I am more passionate about. This made me reset, reboot, and start over.

Now I have created Lost Boy Stories.

So here I am typing this. Being open about my story at a moment where I felt LOST and am coming back from it.

“I created this to keep everyone vulnerable from their own experiences. Whether you feel lost and confused, you are not alone.

We all get sad but how we handle that sadness defines who we are.

This is not your typical Disney fairytale but it is a step towards helping you find your own happy ending. You have to feel lost to know where you are going. So I ask all of you to send me your stories if you feel alone. I am here. I am with you. I appreciate you for reading this.

With love,

Another Lost Boy