End of 2020

I flew back to New York yesterday from San Francisco. I remember being back at home in California where I would slowly count the days to Christmas as it was getting closer to my departure date. I was anxious and excited at the same time. It was a similar feeling to how I felt when I first moved to New York a couple of months ago. This year the holidays looked different, not just for me but for everyone. It felt so limited and a little off to not be with the whole family during the holidays. Nonetheless, I was still able to celebrate it with my immediate family and still felt the joy and excitement during this time. The one thing I was so devastated about was leaving my mother. She’s really my best friend, and honestly, I am thrilled to be around her especially during the holiday season. As I was getting dropped off at the airport, tears went down both mine and her’s cheeks. We teared up not knowing exactly when we would see each other again. My last few words to her were,

“Don’t worry mom. I’ll see you soon. It’ll go by fast and I’ll call or Facetime you every day like old times. I love you and thank you for everything”.

I think one thing I won’t understand now, but maybe later in life, is just seeing your child grow up. Letting go and knowing as we age and get older, your child will soon have to leave the nest to flourish and blossom into someone they’re meant to be. As I get back to my New York apartment and stare at my room - remembering the memories I had prior to leaving for San Francisco, it was refreshing. I did miss New York and instantly felt inspired again and remembered why I moved here. I hope to continue to focus and pursue my career and dreams as each day passes by.

Other than my 3-week trip back to San Francisco, I was asked by my childhood best friend from back home “what did you learn in 2020”? During my trip to California, there was the Great Conjunction that happened on December 21st, 2020. That specific day, I meditated, reflected, and manifested all my goals. I had two sheets of paper: one for releasing anything that didn’t serve me and the other were specific goals I wanted to achieve in the near future. That day -- I felt the energy and universe surrounding me. I was ready to let go of any negativity, doubts, fears, and anything stopping me from loving and being the person that I wholeheartedly am. I was just excited for myself, my future, and everything that is to happen now moving forward. Among the few things I’ve learned in 2020 was appreciation. I appreciated all the good things that I had, and all the bad things that were happening to me. I realized that you have to just appreciate what is in front of you at that exact moment because you don’t necessarily know when it will be gone. You don’t want to take for granted any of your family, friends, relationships, jobs, hobbies, home, and etc. I also learned more about myself as I hope everyone else has. I’ve read some quotes and posts about 2020 that stated,

I thought 2020 would be the year I got everything I wanted. Now I know 2020 is the year I appreciate everything I have by anonymous.

Although this was a tough year for everybody, it was a monumental and critical year too. I believe this year was meant to happen for us to blossom and grow and truly understand ourselves. This year I really got to dig deep, know myself, my worth, my passions, my strengths, my weaknesses, and so on. I started to realize things that I actually enjoy doing such as reading books on how to improve myself and talking to people about their difficulties and hoping to inspire others. I created this blog to even cope with myself and also still make a positive impact on those around me. I hope to continue this blog to maintain this momentum of speaking to others that still may find difficulty in their journey in life. I’ve read a couple of books on just understanding the universe and manifesting everything that you want. It has helped me so much this year and I want to make sure to pass this knowledge along to those that need it. This year also has taught me the importance of mental health. How mental health continues to become a problem and mental illnesses has risen up in the past couple of years due to depression, anxiety, and etc. I want to help those that may be facing these type of issues and become a positive force and just a support system for all those in need. I don’t want to spoil too much of my dreams and goals as I work toward them, but just know I appreciate anyone who has been reading and supporting my blog. I will continue to spread love as much as I can and pray for everyone’s safety. Reminder: self-reflect by New Year’s Eve.

This goes for everyone. 2020 has been a tough year, and I want you to reflect on how important it was in your life. Imagine all the pain, struggles, loss, and even the growth you’ve encountered so far. I can’t truly say and expect 2021 will be better -- but I do know that whatever the future holds we are capable of anything. I plan to continue my journey for inner-peace and happiness.

May you end this year strong and will see you all soon! Remember to ask yourself,

“What have I learned in 2020”?

With Love,

Another Lost Boy