Normalize Therapy

One thing that is important is prioritizing your mental health which is key to a healthier and happier life. A topic that must be discussed nowadays especially with everything going on in the world is normalizing therapy. Therapy can be the best investment you’ve ever made in regards to your mental health. People are still downplaying and are shamed of the word “therapy” and judge those who go through it. Society does not talk about prioritizing mental health because of the stigma which shows a lack of concern of our overall wellbeing. Therapy is not for everyone which is understandable, but at least taking away the stigma of going to therapy can make a huge difference. We need to evolve together and bring attention that mental health should be one of the most important aspects of our lives to prioritize. We are all human.

Sometimes we all go through an emotional event in our life. We may be going through a death of a family member, loss of a job, family issues, break-up, school, and etc. Therapy can help reduce any effects that you’re feeling whether that’s being overwhelmed, fatigued, angry, anxious, hopeless, social withdrawal, and more. The process isn’t for everyone and there are different therapists that might work better for you compared to someone else. It’s all different, which is okay.

There are a few benefits from therapy which include:

  1. Learning more about yourself

  2. Achieving your goals

  3. Better health overall

  4. Develop more fulfilling relationships

  5. Improvement in all areas of your life

Therapy grants that emotional freedom that you never knew you wanted. As mentioned, therapy is not for everyone and can be difficult to go. It can be draining to even talk about your own problems to someone who’s trying to listen and hear you out. Therapy can be a release and a relief of your mind to help you see a different outlook or perspective in your current situation.

Life can be difficult, if not most of the time. We go through some struggles and pain. Our experiences can dictate our point of view of life, but we should not let that take away our happiness. It’s tough to get out of that rabbit hole that you keep digging yourself into. Therapists can help guide you and lend a hand back into this world with some light.

You can approach life however you’d like. Approach it with kindness and love to the best of your ability. I know life can be hard for some right now, but it’ll get better. Through time and time, make sure to always count your blessings. It’s totally fine to feel how you’re feeling. Express how you feel and be vulnerable about that, because you are human at the end of the day. We go through emotions and we should feel them out. Life will throw obstacles and come knocking down your door but you must remember to keep getting back up. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness and I encourage you to do so. Even if it’s another family member or friend.

Remember to always put yourself first, especially your health.

Hoping that therapy is normalized as the years come. People can go into therapy for their mental health or if they just someone to talk to. This should not be something to be ashamed of. It takes absolute strength to face your problems head-on and perseverance to work through them. Therapy is not just for those that have mental illnesses.

Face your fears and get through them.

You are not weak and most importantly you are not alone.

With love,

Another Lost Boy