Value Based Life

In light of the new year, I’ve come to realize the growth and change that I’ve gone through since 2020. I learned the importance of perspective and just changing the way you view life from a more positive point of view. Not necessarily making sure that everything is positive and none of that “toxic positivity” but more so understand and accepting the way life is. Also, always improving yourself to become a better person every day.

By doing this - I’ve decided to live a more value-based life. We have two ways to choose to live our lives, whether that is a goal-based life or a value-based life. Living a goal-based life is having concrete goals such as

“I want to make this amount of money in commission”,

“I want to lose 15 pounds”,

“I want to gain one million followers on Instagram”, and etc.

When you choose to live a goal-based life it leads to depression, anxiety or just feeling miserable with yourself. You are obsessively and constantly chasing something that may not even happen. You may think to yourself that you will be happy once you do this or do that. You’re never happy in the present moment. You postpone happiness for the future, which yet again, is never certain.

It does not mean that your goals are not important. If you work on your goals in the present moment, that is okay. If you are passionate about your goals and want to succeed in doing so by i.e. getting a degree, that is okay. What is meant by this is that no matter what - let go of what the universe has to offer. You try your best but nothing is ever worth reducing your mental health and causing you stress.

Put your mind, body, and soul first. That will always be a priority.

Living a value-based life is more abstract such as

“I want to be kind to others”,

“I want to be empathetic to those who are in need”,

“I want to spread as much love as I can towards strangers”, and etc.

When you choose to live a value-based life you are living in the present moment. You are trying to make yourself feel good by bettering yourself as a person rather than stressing and dumping your worth into whether or not you meet a goal. You live in the Now because you know your worth. You do not postpone your happiness because your happiness comes first. I thought about this perspective on life, specifically after watching the new Disney movie “Soul”. I don’t want to spoil any of this to those who have not watched it yet, but my main takeaway from it was the meaning of living in the present moment. It’s advocating the importance of experiencing and appreciating what is right in front of you. It simply puts that we should not wait for our goals to be reached because we tend to not live in the present moment when we’re so goal-oriented.

Don’t wait for life to begin, but rather start living your life to the fullest now.

Why not start becoming a better person? Why not be nicer to those around you? Experience life on a whole new level when you admire every little detail around you. As mentioned, it’s up to you how to live your life. Switch your perspective and lean towards living on what’s happening at this moment. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen down the road, because goals restrict us from appreciating what life has to offer around us. We tend to keep our heads down and focus on certain things. We should be having our heads up and focus on what’s happening around us. I’ve read this book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle while this movie (Soul) came out and it inspired me and I felt both tied beautifully together. This book reminds us that every minute we spend worrying about the future or overthinking about the past is diminishing the present. What’s important in life is exactly THIS MOMENT. The present moment.

The present is all that we have to live through, so why not enjoy this gift that life gave us. I hope that you all continue to switch your perspective on life for the better. Remember to always live in the present moment and try to become the best version of yourself today. Yesterday was done, the future has not begun, but the present is always going to be a gift. Cherish that gift with gratitude, love, and admiration.

May you add value to your life continuing 2021.

With love,

Another Lost Boy